Monday, September 3, 2018

Hey guys,

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 6 - March 21

What did I work on this week?

So I will tell you what I worked on this week and the thing that I worked on this week is that I was printing out things for my own purposes and i am also going to print out things for math that my teacher needs and the thing that I am printing everything out is called a 3D printer and it is a really cool thing and I will show you some cool picture down below of what we made and going to make from it and it is actually pretty sick what the thing is because from a 3D printer you can print a lot of things from it and not only like things that you want like the thing that your teacher want. Also it is not only for your teacher you can also make whatever you want but sometimes it depends on what you want and it is actually a really cool thing at first when we started to use it i didn't think we will use it then when I used it for the first time then I was like wow that thing is actually really cool and really entertaining and I wanted to just use more of it and didn't want to leave it but the thing that we also use in the class that is a thing that are teacher made and it is a really cool thing and you have to basically code it and you can do what you want to do and according to that it will move and you can see how cool it is and I actually really like it when I see it because it is actually nice and entertaining to play.

How did everything go?

Everything was actually was pretty good and I had so much fun doing it and I didn't think that I will but in a true note I had so much fun and I can't even tell you how much fun I had and then I can tell you that it is more fun than you think you will have in help desk and yes sometimes you think that you won't but you actually do have fun and I am not lying like me makes you do so many things that is so much fun and you won't think that it is but there and-and you can see when you see it and you can also see it by coming to the class and checking out everything and you can see how fun is that

What am I planning for next week?

For this week what I am planning to do is that I am probably going to print out some things for Mrs.Boyle and help her out by doing that for her and then when I do that I will make a slide or some questions to ask one of my teachers and then write it out and see what happens like one of the questions will be do you like when people use technology in your class? so what I am asking her in this is like do you like when people use their phones, Ipad or computer yes or no and reason why you do or don't. So some of the questions will be about technology and some will be about some things about her like teaching questions to ask my teacher to see what they have to say and what they think about her job and around those lines. So this is what I am thinking I am going to for this week and next week and then turn it in and see what happens so let's see so this is my plan to do this week and next.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly Reflection Nov 15- Nov 18

What did I work on this week?

This week me and my partner Carl have been working on what we can do to help out people who are coming from the other school and what we can tell them about the help desk. Also we have been working on this thing to see how much warmth or love you have for people and it was pretty amazing to see the results of people and see how much difference is there in people so me and teacher apparently are the same results and there is another kid Nick in the help desk and he was the one who had different results in this like there is light in these things and you had to see how many you can light up and if you look at it there are three lights in this and me and Mr.Wong lit up 3 of the lights out of 3 but when it was Nicks turn he only could have lit up only one of them and it was funny how he said he doesn't like it as a joke and he wants another one and do it all over again and try it why it doesn't like him. The thing I am talking about is the Arduino. It is like a small machine that can see how much love you have and it tells you in three lights like i told you before.

How did everything go?

Everything went like it should go and what I mean by that is everything went perfectly and in the class I have been having is that it is going well but I will like more is that if more kids come by and come ask for help and we can help them more often with any question that they have with that doesn't mean that they only come for when they need help but they also come for other stuff like if they have any other question that they have with technology and we can help them with and it is not only with there Ipad and computer but they come to us for other help with whatever they need help with there technology and they can ask us advice or questions on other things on technology it will go even better and the class would be a little more better.

What am I planning for next week?

For next week I am planing that more kids come to us for help and that we can help more people and it should be better in that and that we will probably will be doing some other fun things to do and that probably is that we make something and then talk and let you guys know what we did. Also we can talk about the thing we might do in this class that is coding we will probably learn the basic of it and what it used for and why. Also we will probably do something else that will be fun and interesting like go to different classes and actually ask some questions if they will like us to come by and they can ask us questions whatever they have and if they don't have any questions that is fine so this is what I am thinking that we will do next week.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekly Reflection Oct 31 - Nov 4

What did I work on this week?

This week we actually been having a lot of people over here because there was a thing called proxy and that thing has been coming on his iPad and people aren't able to log in and people are having problems because when this happens you are not allowed to use your wi-fi and home and without that you can't do anything with your iPad. So people are been coming in for this whole week and we have been able to help each of them. We have been telling people if they are having any problem they can come to the help desk and if they can't come they should go to our website and look at are tutorial and how they can fix it and if it still doesn't work then they should come to us and we can help them and try to see what's the problem.

How did everything go?

So everything went well we were able to help everyone that needed help that came by but we did have couple of problems with some people with there iPad like we helped them with there iPad and they said that it still doesn't work and we were like what should we do and then we went to the other team that we have and they helped them with it and showed them why it wasn't working and now everyone is able to use there ipad and it was because they hadn't have updated or something like that and then we were finally able to fix there ipad and it had went better than i expected it to go.

What am I planning for next week?

For next week we are planing to help some people in our school who will come to us and ask us questions and there is a teacher who will need help with her google and how to use her email and how to use something's on her phone and basically how to use all of things. Also we will be helping out the small kids with there Ipad and update it and store there storage back to normal and put the apps that they need. Also help other students who come by and that need help with what they need help with.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Weekly Reflection Oct 24 - Oct 28

What did I work on this week?

So this week we have been talking on why people were hacking people computer and try to get into peoples information and how bad of a thing they have been doing and how people bad of a thing can happen to them if they caught they can get arrested or worse so i dont know why people would do it. Sometimes for police or the person who is investing it cant find them then they get away with it. Also we found that there is something called the ICS and they help you catch if someone is hacking your things and i am not sure of how good of a thing they do and how good they are or there are not so i am not sure if they are a good thing to trust and if you will want to find out if they are a good thing to trust you can research about it and find out of good of a thing this is and if you will like to use it or not. Also they help you with multiple hacking that can be happening to you. Also people can also hack into your personal laptops or ipad or anthing that you use. They can hack into your cameras that is in your computer and laptop or what ever that has a camera. People who can hack also can go in all of that and they can get in that.

How did everything go?

The people who were trying to hack into this company it was really bad for them because they were giving the company a lot of traffic and they didnt knew if it was a hack first but then they did after a while and then they found out that they were getting hacked and these hackers are been sending the traffic and not actual people. For them it didnt go that well and they really didnt like it and the hackers were safe and they didnt get caught for what they were doing and they were happy but the people who were getting this stuff were really frustrated and didnt like it.

What am I planning for next week?

We are planning to talk about what else happened and what else has been happening lately and the new Apple laptop is about to release and how good of a laptop it is and what is the new features and why should someone buy it or why they shouldn't. What have they improved in it that we should buy it how big it has gotten and what are some of the differences and why is this one more expensive. The rumor about the OLED bar on the Macbook and what is that there for and it can do and what it cant do. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekly Reflection September 26- September 30

What did I work on this week?

For the last couple of weeks it has been really slow no one has been coming in but when there are people coming in like there is one to two people coming to most and it has been really slow. When people weren't coming in we all were just sitting and talking about some ideas that what we are going to do for the next week. I did help a student with his Ipad when he was having trouble downloading an app but that's about it.
What am I planning for next week?
What am I planning for next week?

The thing I am planning for next week is to learn how to use the 3D printer and probably help people with there situations that they will have and help them with the problem with it like Mrs.Boyle who needs help with her 3D printer and she can learn how to use it and help her with that so that she can help her students who ever needs help with that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weekly Reflection Sept. 19- Sept, 23
September 27, 2016


What did I do this week in Help Desk?

This week it was a hectic week because there was a lot of people coming in like the teachers and students who needed like an ipad or had a question and it was getting really busy and they also needed help with notability like how to get it and things like that. After a really busy week last week, we were able to talk about our plans for the rest of the year. Mr. Wong had time to sit down with us and talk about tutorials, blogs, and our personal projects. Then when he asked me what I wanted to do i  exactly knew what to do and that was to do google classroom for teachers because there is a lot of teachers who dont know how to use google classroom and I can help them with that.

What am I expecting for next week?

The thing is that we are thinking of doing is that we will write a weekly reflection and do something else like learn how to use a 3D printer or a tutorial how to use something. Also I want to see what the future holds for me and what can I learn in this class like new things and have fun also I guess and have a group work with them.